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I am proud to introduce Masco Corporation’s 2015 Corporate Sustainability Report. 2015 was a transformative year for Masco, during which we achieved a number of milestones and reviewed our sustainability vision for the benefit of our Company, our shareholders and our larger stakeholder community.

We started by refreshing how we govern sustainability, namely by establishing a Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) and formalizing its charter. Our SSC is sponsored by our Vice President of Human Resources, who is responsible for ensuring that our sustainability strategy remains about people first, and our Corporate Health, Safety and Environment Manager, who brings specialized knowledge to the role. The SSC is comprised of key members and advisors from a cross-section of our Company, including our finance, global supply chain, legal and communication departments, and our portfolio of companies such as Masco Cabinetry, Delta Faucet Company, Behr Process Corporation and Milgard Windows & Doors.

With this diversified team leading the SSC, we have set the priorities, goals and actions necessary to align our sustainability program with our business strategy. We have renewed our high-level vision with the key program elements–governance, people, process, tools and reporting–that underpin our center-led approach and our Masco Operating System.

At Masco, we recognize the importance of our actions both now and in the future, and we also recognize that doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive. We believe that successfully balancing the management of people, profit and planet enables us to drive innovation, bolster our brands, secure profitability and position us for growth. For example:

  • While returning our cabinet business to profitability, Moores Furniture Group procured approximately 98 percent of its wood from sustainable sources.

  • While achieving record annual sales and profits, Delta Faucet Company and Hansgrohe each continued to draw 100 percent of its water for manufacturing operations from areas not designated by the World Resources Institute as highly or very highly stressed for water.

  • While continuing to lead the market in innovation and design, Delta Faucet Company received the esteemed 2015 WaterSense® Sustained Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in recognition of its exemplary efforts to support water efficiency.

  • While our Decorative Architectural Products segment was increasing sales, Behr Process Corporation derived approximately 75 percent of its revenue from sustainable products and donated tens of thousands of dollars along with over 1,000 volunteer hours to charitable organizations.

Being responsible to people and stewarding the environment are integral parts of our day-to-day operations and our corporate strategy.

On behalf of our 25,000+ employees worldwide, many of whom work diligently and daily to broaden, deepen and integrate sustainability, thank you. The support of our customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders inspires us to keep striving to remain a leader, doing our part to sustain our shared future.

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Keith Allman
President and Chief Executive Officer