We engage in a broad range of youth development and civic initiatives in support of a variety of causes. In 2015, our companies worked actively with Masco’s corporate office to identify and support opportunities to offer our products through donation and special pricing initiatives to nonprofit entities. Our business units are the primary source for in-kind product donations to charities.


Milgard volunteer

We support our nonprofit partners primarily through our cash and product donations, along with the widespread support of our employees and their families, who volunteer regularly in the communities where they work and live.

Masco’s business units actively support charitable organizations in their local communities. These contributions take the form of cash donations, volunteer engagement and the donation of products. Many business units make special volunteerism promotions, such as paid volunteer time, part of their employee relations programs. For example, Behr Process Corporation holds an annual volunteer day called "Behr Cares Day."

Masco corporate-wide charitable giving is derived from a combination of the Masco Foundation funds and corporate resources including cash and in-kind product donations. For 2015, Masco’s combined charitable contributions exceeded $6 million.


We are committed to supporting both local and national organizations through monetary and manufactured donations. For 2015, our combined charitable contributions exceeded $6 million. Organizations supported by Masco’s Foundation over the 2015 calendar year include: Habitat for Humanity International, Detroit Institute of Arts, Home Aid America, Detroit Public Television and many other local and national organizations supporting arts and culture. In addition to manufactured product donations by our business units, our employees raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities.

The Masco Corporation Foundation, established in 1952 and funded exclusively by Masco Corporation, supports a variety of charitable organizations, and places special emphasis on financial support to not-for-profit organizations that promote decent, affordable housing for disadvantaged and low-income families. It also supports a number of specific cultural, environmental, human service and civic initiatives in the regions where Masco does business.

Since 2010, Masco has been offering employees of its U.S. business units the opportunity to participate in matching and volunteer grant programs to support the work of charitable organizations across the United States. Within established parameters and eligibility criteria, Masco matches employees’ gifts to qualified 501(c)(3) public charities and educational institutions. In addition, employees who volunteer their time and energy to promoting charitable causes have the opportunity to apply for grants that they may direct to qualified charities of their choice.


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We survey our employees regularly to continually stay acquainted with them, collect their critiques and understand where improvements can be made. With a high level of engagement, we can clearly understand opportunities to better the work atmosphere company-wide. In 2015, we continued to meet our company goal, established in 2007, to engage our employees in educational programs and through communications about living and working in a more sustainable manner.



The safety of our employees is integral to our company and is handled responsibly and quickly. In support of our safety efforts, Masco collects and analyzes injury data centrally. For the 2015 calendar year, Masco had an average incident rate of 3.4 per one hundred employees per year.

Avg incident rate


Masco works to maximize company-wide efficiency through limiting lost days and encouraging a high standard of safety within the workplace. For the 2015 calendar year, Masco had an average lost day frequency rate of 0.7 per one hundred employees.

Avg lost day



By utilizing various environmental, health and safety (EHS) tools to analyze the hazards of chemicals and ensure their proper handling, labeling and waste treatment, we strive to keep our employees and customers safe from potentially harmful chemicals. Our program to mitigate risks to our employees as well as our customers starts when a chemical is first considered for use in our products or processes. Each new chemical must be reviewed and approved, including meeting REACH regulations in Europe, before it may be brought on site and used in our products or processes.


Masco follows strict regulation through software identification and requests from suppliers to constantly equip employees and customers to deal with emerging chemicals of concern. For example, Behr works closely with coating associations in both the United States and Canada to keep abreast of new regulations regarding chemicals used in its products. Before approving a supplier for these business units that may use emerging chemicals of concern, our relevant businesses require the supplier to declare whether its product or packaging contain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs). If the products or packaging contain SVHC, they are dealt with in a safe manner according to regulation.