Watkins Wellness Sponsors Solutions University

Our Watkins Wellness business unit is proud to sponsor Solutions for Change, a nonprofit agency that has changed the lives of formerly homeless families in the San Diego area for over twenty years. With a mission to solve family homelessness – one family, one community at a time— Solutions for Change is committed to helping disadvantaged, underserved populations break the cycle of poverty. And the nonprofit’s work is more urgent than ever: San Diego County has escalated to fourth in the nation in total homeless population, with over 3,000 homeless children and parents in the county.

Watkins Wellness, headquartered in Vista, CA, has supported Solutions for Change for nearly 20 years, giving both financially and through creative means of support like holiday gifts, support for the Solutions Farms Farmers’ Market, direct hiring, event sponsorships, product collections, and more.

Over the last few years, Watkins Wellness has specifically sponsored the Solutions University program, a 1,000-day personal development academy that equips participants with the skills, knowledge and resources to transform multiple key facets of their lives, including workforce development, early childhood development, financial management, personal development and affordable housing. Importantly, the clients of this program represent those who have long faced significant structural barriers in the workforce and in housing; around 85% of participants are women, many single mothers, and nearly 60% are people of color.

The time-tested model has seen unprecedented results: since its inception, Solutions for Change has helped 950 families, including 2,400 children, transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency; 76% of their participants complete the first 500 days of the program; and 93% of those residents complete the full 1,000-day program. These families exit with stable housing, full-time employment, $2,000 in savings, and the knowledge needed for long-term resilience, attesting to the program’s lasting impact on changing their lives.

We’re grateful for the continued partnership of Watkins Wellness and Solutions for Change as part of Masco’s commitment to equity in job access and housing. For more information about Solutions University, visit www.solutionsforchange.org.