Our collective purpose: delivering better living possibilities

At Masco, we have a high-performance ethical culture and foster a mindset of continuous improvement that enables the growth of our employees, both personally and professionally. Whether it’s product, people or process, we strive to make everything we touch better. This everyday focus on continuous improvement translates to a genuine human impact—creating better living spaces, better work environments and better communities.

Maintaining the highest standard of ethics in the conduct of our business is the foundation of our company’s culture. We have built a strong reputation for ethical business practices and this reputation is one of our most valued assets.

Our ‘speak up and listen’ culture encourages everyone to bring their ideas and whole self to work each day. Our team members actively listen to the experiences and input of others because we know having these candid conversations allows us to discover where we can improve individually and as a team to create the best possible solutions for our customers and consumers.

Our Values

Our high-performance ethical culture starts with our values:

We are committed to our customers (internal and external) — understanding them and exceeding their expectations. We listen actively and let their needs drive our organizational solutions which are timely, high quality and add value.

Diverse perspectives and an inclusive workplace make us stronger

We believe a workplace that encourages different voices, perspectives and backgrounds creates better teams, better solutions and more innovation. We are committed to creating an environment where all employees are included, are treated with dignity and respect and are in a position to contribute to our future success. We value our people and want everyone to have an equal opportunity to thrive.
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The Way We Do Business

The Masco Operating System (MOS) is our enterprise approach to continuous improvement and value creation for our shareholders. Although our business units vary in their product offerings and customers, MOS is embedded across the organization. As the collective approach to running our business, MOS is a virtuous cycle—one that enables us to speak a common language, share best practices and succeed through continuous improvement.

With MOS, Masco strives to deliver results through:

  • A culture of continuous improvement where we get better each day.
  • A set of standardized tools that improve our processes, products and people.
  • A relentless pursuit of improvement in critical areas of the business that have the highest impact.

By focusing on culture, tools and impact, we continuously elevate our enterprise and create more cost-effective, innovative solutions for our customers.

Our Team

Our team members are seekers…they thirst for knowledge and have a passion for challenging the status quo. We see our work—and the world—through a “possibilities” mindset, always exploring what can be improved or created when we open ourselves to new ways of learning, thinking and inventing.

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