Our Board of Directors is committed to creating long-term value for our shareholders, while upholding our high standards of ethical business conduct and corporate governance principles and practices.

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines state that our Board will have an Audit Committee, a Compensation and Talent Committee and a Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee and that the membership of these Committees will qualify under the independence and experience requirements of applicable law and the New York Stock Exchange. Masco’s corporate governance documents, including the charters of our three Committees and our Corporate Governance Guidelines, are found below.

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Code Of Ethics

Our commitment to ethics and integrity is the foundation of our Company. We have a strong culture of compliance and an outstanding reputation for doing business the right way. Our Code of Ethics expresses our expectation that each employee will act ethically and foster our culture of integrity. All Masco employees, officers and directors must comply with our Code of Ethics and company policies, and follow the laws that apply where we do business.

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Charters of the Committees of our Board

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Governance Policies and Guidelines

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Political Contributions

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