Behr Employees “e-Mentor” with United Way

This year, five teammates from Behr Paint Company volunteered as e-mentors through Orange County United Way to help high school seniors from underserved school districts become college- and career-ready. For six months, the employees attended at least two hours of one-on-one virtual meetings each month with their Class of 2022 mentees to provide support for the students through confidence boosting, professional advice, and help answering critical questions about colleges and careers.

Orange County United Way also offered a workshop series for mentors and mentees, covering topics like transitioning out of high school and financial savviness.

“It was great to be involved and assist a student who is working to graduate and head to college. My  mentee appreciated the assistance and I think he is better set up for success this fall,” says Behr e-mentor Brian Van Metre.

Behr Paint was proud to serve as a sponsor for the program over the last year and plans to do so again for the next cohort. Thanks to the employees who stepped up to ensure the Class of 2022 is prepared for a bright future!