Masco Sponsorship Helps Grow the Next Generation of Finance Professionals

In July, Masco HQ sponsored the Detroit National Association of Black Accountants’ (NABA) annual summer Accounting Career Awareness Campus Residency Program. Serving 25 students from 16 high schools throughout the metro-Detroit region, the 2022 program consisted of 30 student sessions that taught participants about different career tracks in accounting, finance, business, and related fields and helped them develop their skills in these areas. The students also had the opportunity to visit four large local employers.

The program additionally included a networking event, where the students met professionals from Detroit businesses. Attending the event on behalf of Masco, Jared Thornton, Masco’s Director of Tax Accounting & Compliance, noted, “What a wonderful experience to represent Masco at the 2022 ACAP Professional Networking Event. It was a such pleasure to meet so many ambitious and inquisitive young students and to share how rewarding a career in accounting, finance, or business can be. The professional skills and empowerment the students obtain through mentorship in the ACAP program helps develop the future generation of accounting and finance professionals.”

Congratulations to the 25 students who completed the program!