Liberty Hardware Team Rolls up Sleeves in Refugee Garden

In early May, a crew of Liberty Hardware employees in North Carolina helped World Relief Triad prepare the nonprofit’s community garden, pulling weeds, laying out compost, and planting flowers to attract good insects to the garden for the upcoming season. The garden serves as a place where refugee families being served through World Relief Triad’s programs can plant and harvest crops of their own. Many grow produce from their home countries and participate in community markets in High Point.

Liberty’s Marketing Coordinator, Makaela Beckman, says, “Volunteering with World Relief Triad made me feel like I was playing a bigger part in the community. We helped plant flowers to attract beneficial insects like bees to the gardeners’ crops. I learned so much about how refugees come to the triad area and how difficult it can be. For them, having a garden in which they can interact with one another and grow their own food from their home country is a way to connect back to their culture while providing a better life for their families.”

Likewise, Sue Nemitz, Marketing Services Supervisor, says, “Makaela and I volunteered as a team building opportunity, but we left with so much more than we expected. We knew nothing about World Relief when we started. We learned so much about the organization, were given tips and tricks for our own gardening, and were able to meet others from work that we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work closely with otherwise.”

Liberty Hardware has also continued its financial support for the organization in 2023, donating $20,000 to aid World Relief Triad’s work of resettling refugee families in the triad region.