Masco’s Women in Tech Scholars

Masco HQ proudly supported seven women with scholarships through the Michigan Council of Women in Technology in 2021-2022. The students, all of whom are pursuing degrees in Computer Science or related fields, represent the schools of Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and the University of Michigan.

Six of the scholars had Masco mentors, who are excited to report the incredible achievements of their individual mentees, including Ford Motor Company internships, an innovation award, and even a NASA internship. Aarti Venkatesh, Masco’s Director of Financial Systems and Global Business Services and one of the Masco mentors, says, “Our HQ team worked hard in coaching, guiding and just being there for these students. We are so proud of the work the students did over the last year and look forward to supporting more women, as well as some returning mentees from last year, as they progress in their academic journey and into careers in the technology field.”

Thanks to Aarti, Michele Afetian, Ashley Armbruster, Maggie Cox, Sue Sabo, and Syamala Vanjarapu for volunteering as mentors.