Breaking Down Barriers with Medical Translation

Masco is proud to support the Beaumont Health Foundation’s Clinical Language Program, which offers translation services and hearing devices to patients who are non-English speakers or have hearing loss.

As the largest health system in Michigan, Beaumont Health provides care for an enormously diverse population, which can make the accurate communication of health care information a challenge. Last year, patients at Beaumont spoke 75 different languages, and over 300 patients required American Sign Language. Research has shown that without the use of a certified interpreter or hearing support, these patients have more diagnostic procedures, more invasive procedures, more overprescribed medications, and more adverse medication reactions due to problems understanding instruction.

Through the Clinical Language Program, Beaumont offers on-site classes through the University of Michigan so employees can receive their qualified interpreter education. Then, the certified employees can provide in-person interpretive services to patients in the clinical setting, increasing both patient satisfaction and positive health outcomes.

The grant from Masco will also enable the translation of over 100 standard documents for patient care units into multiple languages, and purchase amplifiers and disposable earbuds for patients who are hard of hearing to improve medical professionals’ ability to clearly communicate with them while they are in the hospital.