Detroit Focus: Masco HQ Supports Diversity in the Arts

Because our business units and manufacturing sites are spread from coast to coast and each site has its own unique opportunities to help the community thrive, Masco’s Community Development partners are extremely varied, spanning food banks, environmental clean-up organizations, public schools and youth organizations, and community foundations.

Masco HQ, for one, uses part of its Community Development budget to support a dozen arts and culture institutions in the metro-Detroit area, with a particular focus on promoting diversity in the arts. In 2021, these efforts have included support for the MOSAIC Youth Theatre, a nationally recognized performing arts organization; the Arab American National Museum; and the Sphinx Organization, which increases access to music education and career opportunities for racial and ethnic minorities in classical music. And in September, Masco was a proud sponsor of the Michigan Opera Theatre’s production of BLUE, which tells the story of a loving family in modern-day Harlem struggling against increasing odds as the father proudly dons the blue uniform of NYPD while his son grows more politically active and socially aware.

Sue Sabo, Masco’s Director of Corporate Giving, says, “Masco celebrates the ability of the arts to bring us together and inspire important dialogue about race and injustice, promote empathy and understanding, and brainstorm creative solutions.”

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