At Masco, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a core enabler to achieving our collective purpose of delivering better living possibilities for all. We aspire to be a company where everyone feels respected and that they belong, and where everyone has the access and opportunity to achieve their full potential.
We believe in the power that comes from bringing the full spectrum of our unique perspectives together to solve collective problems and create innovative solutions. We’re committed to these not being just words but translating them into collective action across our companies, resulting in meaningful outcomes for our employees, consumers, customers, community partners, and shareholders.


Driven by the prospect of a better world and reinforced by our ethics, we stand strong and rely on our guiding principles, values and beliefs to lead us in our everyday work towards a better future.

Our Workplace

Who we are and how it feels to work at Masco. At Masco, our strength is derived from the multitude of talents, ideas and experiences of our people. We further our speak up and listen culture to enable multiple perspectives, increase understanding and acceptance, and ensure employees feel respected, heard, supported, and valued. We champion a more inclusive team by identifying workplace barriers to create equitable access and opportunities for all.

Our Communities

How we help increase access, equity and inclusion with our diverse community partners. Inspired by our founder’s drive to make life better for his family and others, Masco actively engages with organizations and invests in programs to uplift the communities we serve. Through our Masco Million Differences campaign, we have pledged $1 million of our annual philanthropic contributions to nonprofit organizations dedicated to breaking down barriers to increase understanding and equitable access to opportunity within our communities.

Our Marketplace

How we deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of all our consumers and customers. Our products are in the homes of people in more than 140 countries across the globe, representing many different backgrounds and ways of life. We work each day to ensure our products not only meet our consumers’ needs but demonstrate an understanding of who they are, what they care about and what they truly want. We invest in business partnerships that reflect both the diversity of our employees and of the communities in which we live and work.

Our Workforce at a Glance

* EEO-1 benchmarks are not applicable for global data. Leadership includes first level managers and above. Salaried includes EEO categories of leadership, professionals and technicians. Hourly includes all other EEO categories. EEO-1 Benchmark is a combination of NAICS 32 and 33.

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U.S. Aspirational Representation Goals

To promote a sense of inclusion, belonging and support, in 2020 we established a goal of achieving an 80 percent favorable score on our DE&I index for all demographic groups by 2025. Our DE&I index is comprised of six questions within our annual survey that measures employees’ perceptions related to DE&I. In 2022, our DE&I index score was 77 percent favorable across our workforce. 

Making a Million Differences

Through our Masco Million Differences campaign, we are committed to allocating $1,000,000 of our annual philanthropic funding to support nonprofit organizations across the country that are working to break down barriers to diversity and inclusion in America’s corporate workforce through education and career resources.

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Platforms and Partnerships for Learning and Progress

A key focus of our strategy is to continue to raise the level of awareness and understanding of what DE&I means, why it matters and how we each play a role in driving the impact we want.

We’ve worked with several strategic partners to design and implement enterprise-wide learning experiences. In addition to serving as opportunities for our Masco and business unit senior executives to sponsor and reinforce our collective commitment to DE&I, these voluntary, inspiring and engaging two-way forums facilitate self-reflection, shared learning and mindset shifts.

Partnering to Drive Meaningful Results

The Human Library  is an innovative and experiential learning platform that takes a different approach to traditional diversity and inclusion training, connecting thousands of volunteers from around the globe as open “Human Books” with “readers” from companies, local community events and other forums. From 2020-2022, over 1,200 employees across the Masco enterprise participated in virtual dialogues with the Human Library. Masco also invested as a founding partner for a new Human Library online app that will spark interactive  conversations around the globe about equality and diversity.