Expanding Veterans’ Access to Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Masco is especially proud to celebrate 40 years of support for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and to continue a longtime partnership that has amounted to over $3.5 million donated over decades to a pillar of Detroit’s arts and culture community.

While our past support for the DSO has taken every form from general operating funds to sponsorships of specific shows and capital campaign donations, our 2022 financial support has specifically helped the organization continue its special Veterans $10 Ticket program, which offers tickets to veterans, active military, and their families at a significant discount. Through the program, members of this community can purchase discounted tickets to a variety of pops and classical shows, as well as certain neighborhood concerts. By year end, the Veterans $10 Ticket program will have made discounted tickets available for a total of eleven concerts, with almost 200 members of the community already taking advantage of the discount in the first half of 2022. Masco’s grant funds also support the DSO’s operations to ensure growth in accessibility, artistic excellence, community outreach, and more.

Thanks to the DSO for four decades of wonderful partnership!