Masco Commits $1M to COVID-19 Relief

As part of its ongoing effort to create strong communities, Masco Corporation is redirecting its community outreach budget for 2020 to provide $1 million in support to nonprofit organizations meeting the urgent needs of those impacted by COVID-19. This funding, provided to nonprofits in the U.S. and Canada near its business units and headquarters, will support both short- and long-term relief efforts including food, shelter, health and human services, and financial assistance programs.

Some of the funding will be donated to United Way branches near its employee populations to take advantage of United Way’s expertise in coordinating disaster response for each region’s unique needs. Remaining funds will be allocated to individual shelters and food banks with strong experience serving our most vulnerable neighbors and local medical centers instrumental in the treatment and fight against COVID-19.

In addition to cash grants, several of Masco’s business units are in the early stages of exploring their ability to assist in the manufacture of parts for medical devices and have already assisted local charities and first-line health care professionals by purchasing and donating personal protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitizers.

“Masco will continue to search for ways we can make an impact during this challenging time,” said Keith Allman, president and CEO of Masco. “We are proud to be able to support our communities with critical funding, and we are immensely grateful to the nonprofits that are working tirelessly to meet the increasing needs of those affected by this crisis.”