Michigan Focus: Fleece & Thank You

In February, a group of Masco World Headquarters employees gathered virtually over Microsoft Teams to unroll, cut, and tie fleece for a very specific purpose: to make blankets to brighten up the rooms of children in Michigan’s hospitals. Thanks to the Michigan-based nonprofit organization Fleece & Thank You, volunteer groups like this can get everything they need sent to them—from fabric to scissors—in pre-assembled kits to make a positive impact without having to leave home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Altogether, the Masco team made 42 blankets that Fleece & Thank You will distribute to participating hospitals across the state. These blankets serve a triple purpose: they bring physical warmth to sick children, they add a pop of color to a hospital room, and they each come with a video message from the person who made the blanket to let the recipient know someone is rooting for them.

Employees enjoyed being able to do a group activity virtually, and were glad to give back at the same time!