Masco Auditors Spend Day at Habitat Detroit

In early August, the Masco Internal Audit Department spent a day volunteering on a build site with Habitat for Humanity Detroit. Working in the Morningside neighborhood on an intensive home repair for a house initially built in 1950, the team brought their trademark diligence and attention to detail to installing windows and siding.

Ryan Krekelberg, Senior Internal Auditor, said, “Habitat for Humanity Detroit offered a truly fulfilling volunteering experience, where every nail hammered and window installed symbolized not just a house, but a community built with compassion and shared purpose. Working with my colleagues to make a difference outside of our workplace was a great way to learn about each other and reflect on who we are as a company.”

The Masco family of companies brings volunteers each year to Habitat sites across the country and has given over a million dollars in cash and product donations to Habitat for Humanity International and its affiliates since 2021.