Masco Employees Return to “Big Give Back” Event

In April, employees from Masco Headquarters rolled up their sleeves at the MCHS Family of Services’ second annual “Big Give Back” event. MCHS Family of Services is a child welfare agency providing foster care and adoption, transitional living, child abuse prevention and community wellness programs. Meeting in Redford, MI, at MCHS’ historic campus, the Masco team cleaned up two of the outdoor recreation areas to be ready for kids’ use as the weather warms up.

The Big Give Back saw 150 volunteers from organizations across Southeast Michigan gather across three MCHS locations in Redford and Detroit to help with landscaping, cleaning and painting projects, as well as clerical work to support the organization’s Spring Appeal.

Tammy Rabideau, Remediation Manager for Masco’s Health, Safety & Environmental department, said, “I enjoyed the event because seeing smiling faces, hearing good conversations and people working hand in hand together is the definition of volunteering to me. People are happy to be doing something good.”

To learn more about the work MCHS is doing to support children and families in Southeastern Michigan, visit