Masco HQ Donates Time and Funds to Life Remodeled

This past December, Masco Corporation announced another $50,000 grant to Detroit nonprofit Life Remodeled to support their work in the Durfee/Central neighborhood. This grant complements Masco’s earlier 2019 grant of $50,000, as well as our time partnership with the organization, as employees from Masco’s world headquarters spent a day participating in Life Remodeled’s annual Six Day Project in August.

Life Remodeled, which invests about $5 million in cash, labor and materials into a Detroit neighborhood each year, has been focused on the Durfee area since 2017. The organization’s annual Six-Day Project famously mobilizes thousands of corporate and individual volunteers over a six-day period to clear blight, repair homes, renovate public spaces, plant greenery, and install important assets such as bus shelters, signage, and school route designations throughout the community of focus.

As a global leader in branded home improvement and building products, Masco has made affordable housing and community development two pillars of its philanthropy strategy and supports key organizations in these spaces with cash and product contributions. Earlier in 2019, Masco supplied Life Remodeled with donated product from Behr Paint Company, one of the business units in Masco’s decorative architectural products segment.

Past Life Remodeled projects have had incredible success, with one study showing a decrease in neighborhood crime in 10 out of 11 categories one year after project completion.

Life Remodeled’s 2020 Six Day Project will run from August 3-8.