• Amit Bhargava
    Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development
  • Darius Padler
    Group Vice President, Masco Corporation
  • Joe Gross
    Group President
  • John G. Sznewajs
    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • John P. Lindow
    Vice President - Controller
  • Keith J. Allman
    Our President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Kenneth G. Cole
    Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
  • Renee Straber
    Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Richard O’Reagan
    Group President

Experience, Insight and Dedication

Strong leadership and belief in our strategies to win is crucial to our continued growth. Built upon experience, insight and dedication, our leaders provide a strong foundation for the success of the entire enterprise. We understand that such a success is directly related to the contributions of both our leadership team and our employees.

Our people are our greatest assets, at all levels of the enterprise. We are proud that we have created a workplace where learning and sharing best practices is a daily occurrence. Our employees are highly committed and seek the best in themselves. Evident in all aspects of our business, the Masco Family of Companies is a true team - a team that works together to consistently develop and execute strategies to win and deliver excellent results.

Meet our Board of Directors

Meet our board

The Board of Directors continues to focus on Masco’s corporate governance principles and practices and is committed to maintaining high standards of ethical business conduct and corporate governance for Masco.

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